Lyrix Wine

Behind The Music

What do you get when you put together a medley of an award-winning winemaker, an icon of Napa wine culture and a family of vintners in perpetual pursuit of perfection? Lyrix.

Lyrix Wine


Since arriving in Napa Valley from South Carolina (via Virginia and France) in the mid-1990s, Thomas Rivers Brown has become one of the most accomplished and in-demand winemakers in California. Between his Rivers-Marie label and his work with wineries like Schrader, Maybach, TOR, and Outpost, the Food & Wine magazine Winemaker of the Year has crafted some of this century’s most profound and sought-after Napa Valley wines.

Lyrix Wine


A native of St. Helena in northern Napa Valley, Ashley is steeped in the natural beauty, the community, and the food- and wine-focused culture of her home. She earned a degree in agricultural business and marketing from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo before returning to Napa Valley to work in the wine business. Since then, she has forged relationships with some of the most renowned winemakers and growers in the industry.

Lyrix Wine


Chris and Andrea first visited Napa Valley on their honeymoon, in 1992—back when their wine knowledge was limited to wine coolers and white Zinfandel. But the more they learned, the more they fell in love with the wines, the Valley, and the people that make this farming community unlike any other place on Earth. That first trip set them on a lifelong journey—one they began as wine novices, and now continue as vintners. While Chris and Andrea set out to make the finest wine possible, it is more important the wine be a centerpiece of family fun and lasting friendships.

Ken and Lisa Cashin


For those who know Ken and Lisa, the blending of family, music and fine wine comes as no surprise. From traveling the world together to gathering around a dinner table, and eventually a wedding proposal in Napa Valley, Lisa and Ken were destined to join Chris and Andrea on their dream adventure that is Lyrix. An appreciation and love of fine wine, travel and family have proven to be the perfect recipe for these two couples and the underlying tones and sophistication of Lyrix.